Lose Yourself Not



We are the ones responsible for seeing Great within ourselves, others may just see the worst of us, as they are situated from a distance of our reality.

What we see of ourselves may threaten every existing soul, that is, constantly trying to be of value than us. Trying hard to prove their worth, whereas we have figured our own value of worth within our own character that we possess. Until you unearth your capabilities, until you understand your strongest links nothing will make sense. So is learning, gaining knowledge and some sense of your purpose of existence. The sense of your purpose shall be lost as the sudden death of an unborn child, that is, if you ignore the being which is you. The soul that existence within your body.

And all that you live for, in the dark it shall fade. limited visions and the limited version of yourself shall be out on bail, alive and kicking until you give in and start with the blames. Your way forward uncertain, and all you will have is yourself to blame.


Lose your sight NOT.



Lose your personality and your worth NOT, by looking at yourself with someone’s eyes. Their negative mentality will not only block the positive thoughts that drives you, but will further be responsible for not spiriting your go, moving shall be on a go slow, till there is no motion. As giving up knocks, opening up some wholes that leaves you weaker than weak, shall indeed be the results.

How you see yourself from within reflects in the mirror, and sparks your attitude as you change your behavior. That positive perspective of yourself lives on, the eyes of others only drags you down unconsciously.

But forget the principle not, Its how you see yourself that matters the most.

The Zone Of Comfort

We can’t stay the same forever, is all about those changes that makes us better. Being in a different state of unusual routines gets one shivering unusually, the uncertainty so dangerous turning us into monsters we FEARING.

As a friend of mine always refers the zone of comfort as a “suicidal state of once existence, and identity”. The same very zone that shapes your reality of your world and softens you to the bone. The you cannot do, the you cannot not be without feeling, threatening your brave heart, the mission of survival clouded by comfort and limiting ones experiences

None is to be done as the alone courage, the self discovered is lost in that zone unconsciously. Spending time alone is life threatening, fighting to fit in is no more a struggle, but the freedom you once struggled for.

Funny how we struggle to survive without it, one has to be self conscious and not lose what you stand for by the distractions you have built. “Learning curves got us learning, experience becomes our courage, knowledge is shedding light to the darker world we heading.”

Look back not, forward is the way to go, hold no grudges as they hold you back. Its situations we go through, its life stages of lessons passing, only the smart, the humble will hustle humbly with the zones built for better and of constructive importance. We hold hands and thank our zones as we proceed with them…NOT.

Posted By: @TMaroy

The Constructed Ideas

Stand stare as if it will always be there, someone comes does the taking while you around doing the staring as if you been promised its going nowhere. The ideas instilled in by the realities that we have formed in our minds, of which, in most cases are of no existance get us fearing the existing realities faced resulting to loss.

Most of what should not be lost get lost reason being the ideas constructed from within. Losing can be a learning curve but letting yourself lose is no learning curve. The construction of fake realities humans attach their imaginations to, is beyond their imagination.

Most if not all that is constructed should at some point be under construction if not in the process, be it an object or a psychological phenomena. Be taken for a ride not by your own mind constructions, while you conscious like all that the magicians do to most of us in form of entertainment, and you still wonder whose fooling who.

All is an effort you put, none just lands right in your face mysteriously because it just landed as being of a choice by it. Be enlightened, be bright and see all the three corners of a triangle, and light on the candle if its too dark for your sight. There are no solutions to what seem to be a problem if you are a problem yourself.

Constructing IDEAS that will fail you, will surely demotivate you from victorious events which is a negative factor that will hinder you from achieving, and being a victor. Beware of your own thoughts they more dangerous than what you refer as lethal, shape them properly and positively.

Posted By: Tshepo Maroy


If it is Nature of GREATNESS that has chosen you and there is nobody that has the weapon to fight it, nobody has the Authority, Power or whatsoever to come against what is, that you are.

What you are needs to be discovered, uncovered by yourself,  by understanding who you really are by truly reflecting, the who YOU are that is; only in YOU but Never will it be seen by you if attention is divided from your own SELF to others. if they are in a confused state, on what state would you be in? “The dead body walking in a reflection state of representing others ???”

Be careful of wanting to be a Reflection of those that are themselves and you become the mirror to reflect back to them when they looking at you. Be careful, be simple, be clear with yourself DO NOT try to be YOU, let you be that that you are as it comes free. Pay no price for being you. for all that you are is free and priceless unless you selling yourself cheap.

Look at yourself as the mirror reflects, fight not, make meaning of what you see as presented. Make peace with the person in the mirror, telling no lies is the GREATNESS he/she POSSESSES, the truth shall be told when you quietly listening to the whispering sounds that makes SENSE, in your ears those words makes a meaning that makes you shiver, tremble although still and you still cannot believe that greatness in you, the advice is “just be still and believe that it is the great,it is the GREATNESS in you that you are and see.”

Posted By: Tshepo Maroy

Caught Between A Hard Place And A Rock


When all turns to nothing at all, when everything falls, and you just there powerless with so much you can do, but nothing allows you to. We often pushed along those lines, finding ourselves at edge. Forced to rather stand still or its the end of it.

Speaking of being caught between a hard place and rock, REALITY like thunder, struck right in our faces forcing for second options to be considered. Coming to think of it, considering alternatives seems to be taking us deeper than the first option.

Choices are to be made either way, down the dark route is the only way we facing and ought to take. No shortcuts though the dark route may seem to longer, what suppose to be shortcut  might as well seems to be more longer. The reality of being caught in the middle of situations are yet to test our abilities and capabilities, our way of understanding complexities before taking decisions.

But worry not, those who have faith know that nature has a way of sorting the unsolved out. Sometimes you need to stand still and let what is be, its not everything that can be directed and dictated our way.

Like I always say “Its situations that we go through, like tunnels, we never pass by them, we go through them to reach the far end”. Whatever that is. Difficult as it might be, sometimes stress not for solutions, a problem can be its own solution without you doing totally anything. When you caught in the middle, eventually all will get loose. YOU, as FREE as you were before you caught, you will be set.

The Blinded Me In The Name Of Love

“Love is blind”
This is a total and pure lie. I say “Love is blind, love gets you blind the moment you try to get it right”.
Am only loving those that do the same if I notice you not loving as much but taking away from me, way too much, am in need of protecting my self and saving my self from healing the wounds I will be causing my self consciously.

Its called self respect, am not going to give my self in, and allow someone to take away from me while am just watching, hoping for the best, but instead the worst sent my way.

Am not going to act blind while my sight is perfectly working all in the name of Fake Love coated with words that are meant to make me smile, having perceptions not supported by actions.

Love doesn’t cause a thing so they say, then I would not let my true feelings pay a price which is not affordable. I would not let my feelings be played with. I would not give my self in for the meer fact of the status of knowing am taken or not single.

I would rather be single and stressed, than be taken and fake happiness.

All am saying is “open your eyes, and stop allowing what you think is love to blind you, you not blind nor is love blind”. Am awake and wide, am not pushing you away all am saying is “Love me as much as I love you”.

Posted By: Tshepo Maroy

The Seeming Same

Things might be the same but withstanding change Faced is a test of character that brings change, difference that is not noticed.

Same level same everything that we might mention that makes us seem the same, in fact, makes us more different. Some people are more comfortable with what they have and share with others. And others are more than irritated to be compared, feel, be or seem the same with the rest of the crowd or that person compared with in particular.

The latter, drives you a step further or step behind. Depending on the reaction of your reaction on comparison base. The reaction of someone competing with you being a positive or negative factor, some people catch feelings when they being challenged which is a negative factor, that leads you to hating, trying to change who you are for you want to set yourself different, self consistency is challenged merely for hating them or yourself for seeming the same with them.

Don’t let the “Seeming Same” change who the real you is, don’t let others seeming to be like you, get you catching feelings, better you are yourself not something else that you will find difficulties being. They might be like you but they not you, you do not react the same to same things. Understand what reality is to you, your peaceful world makes it easier for you to be yourself consistently, if they comparing themselves to you it means they would want to do everything like you with errors following them behind, but being you won’t get you struggling with yourself.

Comparison is for losers, being different and not like many is for the different not for the many.

Posted By: Tshepo Maroy